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Think you have slow post or mail not being delivered on time?

November 23, 2012 in General

Have you ever waited anxiously by the mailbox waiting for an important delivery to arrive only to find that sometimes days may go by until it finally arrives, or better yet when your traveling you find that the postcard arrives to its destination long after you return home. Why is that?

We know items in the mail can be affected by bad weather, unforeseen events etc but this story I just read about  a Postcard that was mailed during Word War 2 just arriving to a couple’s (who sent it) old house in Upstate New York made me laugh at how slow post and mail can be sometimes, but also what the future may be like if it happens again.

Imagine this weird but now possible scenario: Do you think its possible we may end up getting other peoples ebay items that their seller claimed they posted but was falsely not trusted and dismissed as a cheat. Can we reverse negative feedback 70 years later I wonder? – What about amazon goods, will we even know what a paper book or CD is if it arrives 70 years later to someone who now grows up with its digital goods replacement format. I myself was born in the CD age but still got the chance at least to listen to a cassette tape before they were phased out. I now don’t want to admit we had to store homework on floppy discs instead of the more modern USB drives because it makes me feel old. I am only 28 after all.

Luckily though for Pauline and Theresa Leisenring (who were the original recipients of the postcard from their parents who were visiting their brother George Leisenring, which they sent it out in July 4, 1943, from Rockford’s Medical Center Barracks at Camp Grant, were he was stationed), that we all still at least know what a postcard is but for how long for since all communication these days is shared instantly thanks to the likes of twitter and Facebook?

The best part of this story though to me is the postal service official saying that maybe someone outside the service, a member of the general public maybe, may have came across this postcard and posted it. So they didn’t want to take the blame for the 70 year old delay in delivering this piece of mail. I wonder if they ever accepted the responsibility of losing it in the first place then since it was originally maybe placed in their care. Either way I am glad someone used their gumption and sent it to its original destination so that hopefully someone from the family if not the original intended owners can maybe now claim back this piece of their families history.

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