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Food Use By Dates!

July 11, 2012 in Food & Drink

After reading a news article about people risking their lives by ignoring the use by warnings on food and eating leftovers kept and even stored for way too long because of the recession.

Seriously folks its time to use your gumption. Just because food smells and looks ok even after it passes its use by date doesn’t mean its safe to consume. The clue is in the word USE BY. (Naturally freezing the item correctly can prolong its life but stick to freezing guidelines and re-label your food with date of storage yourself)

Old people out ther may say there was no use by and sell by dates in my day normally followed by before the war. Yes there is a good reason for that, the obvious of it didn’t exist we all know but the other fact is that the science of researching food bugs im sure was just in its infancy so knowing anything about these bugs and how they affected us was limited.

Plus I always like to point out to those old folks that life expentancy for the average population was a lot lower way back then even before the wars claimed a huge chunk of the population on its own. Something must have killed all those folks off early.

So if you want to feel real ill for a couple of days or even worse then go ahead play the food version of russain roulette.  The money you think you will save by eating and streatching out dangerous leftovers im sure will get used up in medicine, new clothes when you fade away to nothing, and of course bog roll when you pollute the local sewage systems of the not for human consumption leftovers.  Never mind air freshner to hide your shame from any visitors or other householders who were lucky enough to skip a meal! – Money Saving only works if it saves you real money and doesn’t harm you in any way.

Use Your Gumption Folks its that simple !


(Please Note: The editor of this article accepts no liabilty for any interpretation of how you may read this article and the actions you may take from doing so.  It is meant as a Light Hearted Look on lifes various stories and it represents the editors express personal views only. It is not meant as a guideline or an archive of information for correct procedures on how to do stuff either so we always recommend that you always at all times take all information posted on this site as general satire and ignore it like you would do on any other site full of fiction, personal views and opinions etc. So just use your own gumption for a change!)

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