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Site Is Closing For Now!

November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sorry folks our parent ODGMedia have decided after numerous attempts of trying to block the spammers its just a losing battle in this sites current form and its better to just close this version of the site down.


What does this mean?

It means: That new registrations will automatically be blocked from now on, we do apologise for this but until we decide how to best move the site forward it is the only way to take back some control.

Unfortunately Spammers ruin the Internet and threaten its entire free internet ethos, of course YouTube famously introduced its new measures at blocking spammers and trolls recently with a lot of negative reviews. We ourselves do have our own social networking site but as were only a small Irish media company we have the common sense not to force this on any of users besides the users of the social network. That means no integration of our social networking site into any of our other sites in our web network.

Were now thinking of bringing the site back as mainly an entertainment site highlighting the successes of common sense and of course the failures along with articles and the usual stuff. This time though we will be giving up on WordPress, that’s the software that currently powers this site and hunting for a suitable replacement that suits our needs the most.

So for now this message will stay up for a few weeks before being replaced with a holder site and then eventually our replacement site!

Anyway folks thanks for taking the time to visit us (unless your a spammer that is) and we will see you again sometime, hopefully soon!

Watch This Space (URL) for more news and info in the following weeks and months!


The Admin Team.

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This Site Has Just Entered Beta Status !

July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi, As Were currently still constructing and building – a review website for common sense. We still would welcome comments by new members to our Beta Site as we test various things before our launch!

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