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Site Is Closing For Now!

November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sorry folks our parent ODGMedia have decided after numerous attempts of trying to block the spammers its just a losing battle in this sites current form and its better to just close this version of the site down.


What does this mean?

It means: That new registrations will automatically be blocked from now on, we do apologise for this but until we decide how to best move the site forward it is the only way to take back some control.

Unfortunately Spammers ruin the Internet and threaten its entire free internet ethos, of course YouTube famously introduced its new measures at blocking spammers and trolls recently with a lot of negative reviews. We ourselves do have our own social networking site but as were only a small Irish media company we have the common sense not to force this on any of users besides the users of the social network. That means no integration of our social networking site into any of our other sites in our web network.

Were now thinking of bringing the site back as mainly an entertainment site highlighting the successes of common sense and of course the failures along with articles and the usual stuff. This time though we will be giving up on WordPress, that’s the software that currently powers this site and hunting for a suitable replacement that suits our needs the most.

So for now this message will stay up for a few weeks before being replaced with a holder site and then eventually our replacement site!

Anyway folks thanks for taking the time to visit us (unless your a spammer that is) and we will see you again sometime, hopefully soon!

Watch This Space (URL) for more news and info in the following weeks and months!


The Admin Team.

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Our First Common Sense Video

January 30, 2013 in General, Travel

We have created a common sense tips video and uploaded it to youtube for the first time ever.  The Video highlights 5 common sense video tips for travelling. As its our first video ever our skills are limited but as we learn more we hope to produce some high quality videos in the future. So please be gentle if commenting and rating.

Anyway You can check it out below!

5 Common Sense Travel Tips


Our Youtube Channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/useyourgumption by the way!

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Think you have slow post or mail not being delivered on time?

November 23, 2012 in General

Have you ever waited anxiously by the mailbox waiting for an important delivery to arrive only to find that sometimes days may go by until it finally arrives, or better yet when your traveling you find that the postcard arrives to its destination long after you return home. Why is that?

We know items in the mail can be affected by bad weather, unforeseen events etc but this story I just read about  a Postcard that was mailed during Word War 2 just arriving to a couple’s (who sent it) old house in Upstate New York made me laugh at how slow post and mail can be sometimes, but also what the future may be like if it happens again.

Imagine this weird but now possible scenario: Do you think its possible we may end up getting other peoples ebay items that their seller claimed they posted but was falsely not trusted and dismissed as a cheat. Can we reverse negative feedback 70 years later I wonder? – What about amazon goods, will we even know what a paper book or CD is if it arrives 70 years later to someone who now grows up with its digital goods replacement format. I myself was born in the CD age but still got the chance at least to listen to a cassette tape before they were phased out. I now don’t want to admit we had to store homework on floppy discs instead of the more modern USB drives because it makes me feel old. I am only 28 after all.

Luckily though for Pauline and Theresa Leisenring (who were the original recipients of the postcard from their parents who were visiting their brother George Leisenring, which they sent it out in July 4, 1943, from Rockford’s Medical Center Barracks at Camp Grant, were he was stationed), that we all still at least know what a postcard is but for how long for since all communication these days is shared instantly thanks to the likes of twitter and Facebook?

The best part of this story though to me is the postal service official saying that maybe someone outside the service, a member of the general public maybe, may have came across this postcard and posted it. So they didn’t want to take the blame for the 70 year old delay in delivering this piece of mail. I wonder if they ever accepted the responsibility of losing it in the first place then since it was originally maybe placed in their care. Either way I am glad someone used their gumption and sent it to its original destination so that hopefully someone from the family if not the original intended owners can maybe now claim back this piece of their families history.

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Hosting Companies And The Lack Of Refunds

August 20, 2012 in Technology and Internet

Recently I forgot to cancel my annual hosting subscription for an account I no longer required so I got billed like normal.  The problem I faced was when I told the Hosting Company later that day that I no longer required the account and could they at least refund some of my money with me even offering to forfeit at least a months cost since i didn’t cancel before the account automatically renewed via a third party payment provider.

This is were it all went wrong, they told me ‘No Refunds’ it was in their terms for automatic renewals that there would be no refunds given. You could only get a refund if you were a new customer and you cancel within 30 days. They did say they could keep my account active if I wished for the paid year.

This just seemed unfair to me and you would think it would be against some sort of consumer laws in some countries. Why can’t you get a cooling off period every time you renew your account instead of just for new customers.?

Now not every host is like this but most of the big main ones are, fair enough staff and services have to be paid but taking the full amount of money for unused space and resources if you cancel early is unfair and unjust to me.

I think that hosting companies should be the ones to use their gumption and do away with these silly made up terms. I contacted them on the day of renewal asking for a refund of the money just taken out and a cancellation of my account it was not like I was on the last day of the last month of paid service looking for a refund.

If they had to take off a cost of a months hosting or charge a small cancellation fee I could nearly see that would be fair since staff and services still have to be paid for but taking the full amount for cancelling straight away is wrong without some sort of cooling off period for renewing customers.

So my only advice I could give to hosting customers is to make sure you read the terms and conditions of your hosting company really carefully and if you want to cancel your contract with them do so in advance even before they send you an invoice, write down the dates of renewal yourself and if you use a third party payment provider like I did make sure you cancel the automatic renewals yourself even before the host might cancel it after you tell them, because the only thing they will do is cut off your service for non payment but if it goes through and they get paid, you will have a hard time trying to get it back and you will no doubt only get the response of its in our terms not to offer refunds.


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Irish Car Ads

July 24, 2012 in Motoring

Whilst trolling the endless amount of used cars websites that there is even for a small country like Ireland I stumbled upon this ad.

Now I don’t know if it is serious or not but to me this person is either a comedy genius or a complete no no for a buying a car from.


Make / Model Year
Volkswagon Golf 1995
Transmission Fuel Type Engine Size
Automatic Diesel/oil 1.9
Body Mileage
2.5 Door Saloon 83,450 Miles

Excellent condition, boom boom sound system installed back in the day, a must see car. Interior has been revamped on pimp my ride (irish version). Automatic car, very fuel efficient. Has only had one lady driver from new and only used for getting cigarettes and going to mass. A must buy. Quick sale essential as going to australia this weekend. That is my boyfriend in pic, not me.

Price:  £ 350 (Listed from County Tyrone)
I did feel like giving them a call to see if I could gauge if it was real or not but I used my gumption and decided its best not to give my number to this seller either way.
Just be safe folks, buy from reputable and respected local dealers only so if you do have a problem you can bring it back to their doorstep without having to travel miles.  Also bring a friend, preferably one with good car knowledge!
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Food Use By Dates!

July 11, 2012 in Food & Drink

After reading a news article about people risking their lives by ignoring the use by warnings on food and eating leftovers kept and even stored for way too long because of the recession.

Seriously folks its time to use your gumption. Just because food smells and looks ok even after it passes its use by date doesn’t mean its safe to consume. The clue is in the word USE BY. (Naturally freezing the item correctly can prolong its life but stick to freezing guidelines and re-label your food with date of storage yourself)

Old people out ther may say there was no use by and sell by dates in my day normally followed by before the war. Yes there is a good reason for that, the obvious of it didn’t exist we all know but the other fact is that the science of researching food bugs im sure was just in its infancy so knowing anything about these bugs and how they affected us was limited.

Plus I always like to point out to those old folks that life expentancy for the average population was a lot lower way back then even before the wars claimed a huge chunk of the population on its own. Something must have killed all those folks off early.

So if you want to feel real ill for a couple of days or even worse then go ahead play the food version of russain roulette.  The money you think you will save by eating and streatching out dangerous leftovers im sure will get used up in medicine, new clothes when you fade away to nothing, and of course bog roll when you pollute the local sewage systems of the not for human consumption leftovers.  Never mind air freshner to hide your shame from any visitors or other householders who were lucky enough to skip a meal! – Money Saving only works if it saves you real money and doesn’t harm you in any way.

Use Your Gumption Folks its that simple !


(Please Note: The editor of this article accepts no liabilty for any interpretation of how you may read this article and the actions you may take from doing so.  It is meant as a Light Hearted Look on lifes various stories and it represents the editors express personal views only. It is not meant as a guideline or an archive of information for correct procedures on how to do stuff either so we always recommend that you always at all times take all information posted on this site as general satire and ignore it like you would do on any other site full of fiction, personal views and opinions etc. So just use your own gumption for a change!)

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This Site Has Just Entered Beta Status !

July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi, As Were currently still constructing and building UseYourGumption.com – a review website for common sense. We still would welcome comments by new members to our Beta Site as we test various things before our launch!

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